As the owner of a business, you have probably paid for a number of local commercials that tout your company. Some of them probably worked for you while others didn't. Before you make your next media buy, consider what your marketing needs to make the right impression on your local audience.

No Free Commercials

When you place your ad buy, your station representative may offer to produce your commercial for free. Of course, you are tempted to accept because free anything sounds good to you. Fight off the temptation. Your free commercial may turn out to be anything but because the production value will probably be less polished than one produced by an independent service. The folks at the local stations are skilled, but they simply do not have the time to produce a unique and creative ad for your business. You may save money on the actual commercial, but the money you spent on the ad buy may well be wasted if your ad is not creative. 


Even with expert help, your ad will not have the production values of national ads, unless you want to pay a very steep price. Experts recommend that you embrace the opportunity to be experimental  or even downright goofy in these ads. Your purpose is to draw positive attention to your business so your name becomes a "household word." If your ads are memorable, at least half the battle is won. In addition, an off-the-wall ad may well end up on YouTube or another internet site. Your ad might even go viral, something that frequently happens to humorous or unusual videos. Do not try and mimic the big boy advertisers. Be happy with your local status. 

Use Your People

Allow your production company to use you and your staff in the commercials, especially in creative ways. No one needs another "Come buy from us" ad where the employees stand outside and wave, but having your employees with all their adorable quirks exposed can be a real plus for your business. Try featuring individual employees in various ads. You may be surprised at the colorful backgrounds some of your staff members have. 

Effective local ads require expert advice to be effective, but they should not attempt to look like high-priced national spots. Enjoy the freedom that going local gives you to create advertisements that are creative, funny, and slightly weird. You will be much happier with your customers' responses. Connect with video production services near you for more details.